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Shield UI changes suggestions#81

1) Add the Security Overview as default when logging-in - and on the WP menu (screenshot attached)

When I log in, the default goes to the “Shield Dashboard”. I’d rather be able to chose to default to the “Security Overview” for an instant health check once I logged in. The Security Overview window has improved in layout/design by the way.

“Shield Dashboard” could do with some shrinking to have most if not all options on a single screen (at least on a 21.5”)

2) Stats graphs (example screenshot attached)
Important counters/stats displayed within Overview section that shows how many major events Shield has handled in its lifetime/week.

I found these to not be a “must have” but the numbers and the graphs were interesting “at a glance” but yes : “a nice to have”. Expanding on this (for ex. Including selecting periods to consider) would have been nice.

3) General feedback on the new UI:

Also here:

2 months ago