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Improve reporting#68

1 - Info/stats report is enabled by default.
Add a link in the emails to take me to the settings so I can disable it.

I understand why it was on by default. I have it on 20 sites or so….so I get bombarded with emails when it runs. These reports are just sharing what Shield blocked and that is good that we know it is doing its job.

Or, to add unsubscribe option in the email. I want to disable reports on all sites but it’s time consuming. Shouldn’t have enabled it by default.

2 - Add a way to set a start date for the weekly/monthly report emails.

3 - Info Report email
There is a line “Please use the links provided to review the report details.”, but there is no link. Maybe to add appropriate link, or change the line and add link to the Reporting setting. (screenshot atatched).

4- Add list of the infected files, or guidance where we should look for a files, i.e. go to audit trail…

5- Add ability to downlaod Shield reports in PDF format

6 - I was just making some changes to my settings in Shield and was thinking that it would be nice to be able to see in the Shield Security Statistics if those changes were making a difference. I think currently the statistics is just a running total. Would there be a way to see daily/weekly/monthly stats so that we can see if our changes are making a difference?

6 months ago