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Ignore MU plugins activated check#100

Must Use (MU) plugins are automatically activated and can’t be manually activated/de-activated. They are often added by hosts/providers/agencies to ensure that functionality is available on all sites to keep them operational/secure/etc.

However, they appear as “deactivated” in the WP Admin panel, although they are Must Use so are automatically activated.

Shield reports these with a warning and says that there are unactivated plugins — could they be ignored (or there be a manual option to ignore MU plugins added)?

5 months ago

Just tested this, and unless I’ve tested it wrongly, MU plugins don’t factor into Shield’s counts at all..

5 months ago

I’ve checked on a couple of my sites that use MU plugins, and Shield is reporting as their being inactive plugins - when I click the dashboard Shield alert, it throws me to the plugin list and scrolls down the page to the MU plugin which shows as inactive (but isn’t, because it’s an MU plugin - and likewise it can’t be made active because it’s an MU plugin).

Happy to record a video if that helps?

5 months ago